Monday, February 2, 2009

symfony 1.2 propel-build-model Bus error

run 'symfony propel-build-model' ends with 'Bus error'

if it doesnt complain your libs, you can go to your scheme.yml file.

i found this is cause by one field type in db with defual value:

i have a column called 'created_at' of type: timestamp with default value 'CURRENT_TIMESTAMP'. this is on mysql level. well enough!

run 'propel-build-schema'

you will get
created_at: { type: TIMESTAMP, required: true, defaultValue: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP }
then, run 'propel-build-model', you would get 'Bus error'

propel generator might not know 'CURRENT_TIMESTAMP'. after removing this from scheme.yml, you can run that script smoothly.

good luck. everytime when you get problems, just look back. the BACK at this moment is so called 'experience'.


  1. Thank you for the tip!
    Save me time! (I used a default value for timestamp too)

  2. try symfony propel:build-model

  3. I still need a substitute for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as default value for a column in a table in my db. Any idea what is the substitute type?