Friday, January 30, 2009

symfony 1.2 upload file

symfony 1.2 上传文件

after hacking on 'uploading file' using symfony 1.2, i come here to blog this experience.

compared with 1.1 , 1.2 uses sfForm , sfValidatorFile to process uploading. But from my view, i like the way in 1.1 much more. 1.1 is doing what human usually think it should be.... i mean reasonable ...

i havent got it working with form and the sfValidatorFile. i will spend more time on it when i am unplugged.......

i dont like the concept of "Form". It came with Struts(Java) 1 , but even if the Form in Struts is better than the one in symfony, the concept of "form" has been removed from Struts 2. ppl complain about the "FORM" and just dont like it. so Struts2 elegantly discards "form" by using spring + pojo.

how to acheive uplaoding in 1.2 using deprecated 1.1 methods?

1. in config/ProjectConfiguration.php

$this->enableAllPluginsExcept(array('sfDoctrinePlugin', 'sfCompat10Plugin'));
remove the sfCompat10Plugin from it to enable 1.1 methods.

2. copy and reuse these codes
if ($request->hasFiles()) {
foreach ($request->getFileNames() as $uploadedFile) {
$fileName = $request->getFileName($uploadedFile);
$fileSize = $request->getFileSize($uploadedFile);
$fileType = $request->getFileType($uploadedFile);
$fileError = $request->hasFileError($uploadedFile);
$uploadDir = sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir');
$request->moveFile($uploadedFile, $uploadDir.'/temp/logo/commu/'.$fileName);
that is all. is that reasonable? :)


  1. thanks man was several days trying to fix that and thank you aa great post ...... .... xd